An inclusive playground - fiction or reality

Over the past years, more precisely in the last two or three years, Mobility Macedonia in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the municipalities throughout Macedonia, has built inclusive playgrounds for people with physical disabilities under the motto "Let's play together". We do not have the full picture and the situation everywhere, but we have one in Bitola and in Resen. Bitola has a wonderful promenade with benches, shadows and content for all ages, including those for people with disabilities. Alongside the bicycle path and the track for the blind, there is an inclusive playground. The board says that the playground is built by the MLSP (donor), Mobility Macedonia (organizer) and the municipality of Bitola (executor). The current picture, after two years, is broken and incomplete content, inaccessible path, and inaccessible environment of the contents. Here, apparently vandalism and unwillingness of the environment are obvious Only 50 meters further, there is another content of the devices, with surrounded environment, built by the Agency for Sport and Youth, and visited on a daily basis... Unlike Bitola, the situation in Resen is slightly better, that is, the fenced area contributed to preservation of almost all content, and the issue with the access has been resolved with a ramp. We hope that the situation will improve with engagement on all sides. For comparison, see pictures of inclusive playgrounds in Israel (not what is built, but how it is maintained and used).