Assembly of "Mobility Bitola"

On April 3, 2022, the regular Assembly of "Mobility Bitola" was held in the premises of the "Korzo" restaurant in Bitola. The event, which due to unfavorable conditions was postponed twice in February and March, was held according to the valid protocols for Covid 19 and in the presence of 20 members of the Assembly. The report and the financial report for 2021 were reviewed and adopted, and then a rich discussion developed about the program on some aspects and courses of action, as well as on the need for greater activity by more members. Attention was paid to greater aggressiveness in the proceedings, the struggle for the realization of rights from the Convention, as well as other legal regulations. Special emphasis was placed on accessibility, which was discussed more in the current international project "Alter Trip", where the local self-government also has a certain place. All in all, a successful session with directions for future activities, especially from a larger number of activists.